Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Our Father." A call to communal prayer.

When Jesus told the disciples to watch and pray they took him literally.They were always watching Him pray. Eventually, exasperated, they asked "Teach US to pray!"
Jesus reply? "when you pray, say, Our Father in heaven, holy is your name..."

A few thoughts. Prayer is primarily relational.Its a connection between a child and a Father. It is intimate, informal and conversational.Through the gospel we were pardoned and adopted.We found forgiveness and we found a Father. He is a holy Father. Prayer is trusting in His good character, and enjoying His presence. His immanence.His willingness.I think we need prayer more than God needs it.

Prayer is also acknowledging His transcendence. He is in heaven.He created all, is above all, over all, and before all.He has a sovereign will.He is able.Prayer is asking God to do what only he can do. It is not commanding Him to do what we want, but it is expecting Him to do something great!

Prayer is communal. It is not purely personal. It is "our Father." We cannot say our Father by ourselves. We say "our Father" with other children of God. The early church was birthed in a ten day prayer meeting and sustained by it's daily devotion to prayer.

The size of our church is essentially the size of it's prayer meeting.
There is a fresh urgency and call to gather in communal prayer in our day. A call to be a people who keep asking, seeking , knocking with the shameless audacity of the widow who cried out day and night to the judge for justice. SO much to be thankful for, and such a need to bathe all we do in prayer.

southlands, lets see you at 2nd friday prayer tomorrow night at 7pm!

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