Friday, December 9, 2011

Roots and Wings Book

Enough people have suggested that I consider compiling some of my blogs into a book, for me to take the plunge and pull the trigger.
Design, compiling and editing are underway and it will go to print next week and be ready the week before Christmas.
It will comprise 52 of the more popular posts, and will read as a kind of devotional. Nice as a stocking filler for Christmas, maybe a helpful gift to open a conversation about Jesus around the Christmas dinner table? The first three posts will be about Christmas.

Some of my more earthy friends say the posts take as long to read as it takes them to go to the bathroom, so that's where it may end up!I'm okay with that. In fact it will be printed to fit neatly on top of the cistern. ;-)
Pricing to follow but it will be less than 10 bucks.
Above is the design for the cover. Brady Tuazon is a design genius, wouldn't you say?
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  1. Way to go Al - seems a million years since we sat around in the Berg and dreamed of literary exploits. You always were my favourite songwriter - now here's a new song for a new season. Well done my eloquent friend

  2. I do remember, Jill. Thanks so much for fuelling the dream, for your wisdom, encouragement, and for setting a literary, creative standard that has been compelling.
    wish you were here to do the edits ;-)