Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Matters

Today, in our community there are three rites of passage. Jesse Mason, who led this church with his wife Clare until 1996, went home to be with Jesus. He was a true worshiper of God, who left a remarkable legacy of love for God's presence and people. Jesse and Clare have remained strongly connected and deeply invested in the church they so lovingly led since they handed over to Chris and Meryl. The last time I visited him he said,"Alan, the greatest gift you can give Southlands is to be a worshiper of Jesus." I've taken his counsel to heart, and it's amazing to think that right now Jesse is worshiping Jesus, the longing of his heart, to his heart's content. Our love and prayers are with Clare and the Mason family who will obviously be grieving his absence, even in the joy of knowing he is present with Jesus. We will send details of Jesse's memorial service as soon as we know. It is sure to be a magnificent tribute to a life well lived to God's glory. At the other end of life's journey, a couple await the birth of their second child with great anticipation today. It's a strange thing when one longs for the pain of labor to come so that new birth can occur. Thirdly, a man and a woman will make a marriage covenant, and we will witness the miracle of God making one out of two. Death, birth and marriage. All rites of passage that impact family in significant ways. Family matters to God and Jesus had much to say about it. This Sunday at Southlands, I'm going to look at what Jesus said about marriage, children and wealth - all important family matters. Hope to see you there.

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