Thursday, September 13, 2012

His Bride is an Army?

Around 15 years ago, a wise friend of mine sat with the leadership team of the church we were in at the time. He had come to help us take next steps as a a fairly young church, and was listening and observing before he gave counsel.His name was Ray Oliver.

Ray was never quick to speak. But when he did, it was always incisive. This time he simply said, "There are 4 main pictures of the Church in the book of Ephesians. Body, Family, Bride and Army. From listening and observing, it seems to me that this church is a great Family and Bride. But God wants to make you into a strong Body and Army too.

What did he mean? What he meant, was that we had very close relationships as a community, and we were also a worshipping community with a strong sense of God's presence with us. However, we were not as good at serving one another as a Body, or at being on Gospel mission together as an Army.

We responded to Ray's challenge as leaders, repenting and asking for God's help to lead this Family/Bride to be a Body/Army. During this season I wrote a worship song, which became something of a war cry for our church. "Great King, your Bride is an Army.." A comical picture perhaps, but it became an anthem for a season.

When I went to Brazil a few years later, someone had heard the song, translated it into Portuguese and recorded it, selling thousands of records. On getting hold of a copy, I asked my Brazilian friend to listen to the song and translate it back into English for me. After listening, his puzzled reply was, "The first line says, 'Great King your fiance' is a platoon!'"

Anyway, my point is that God's intent is for every local church to rise up to be a united Army with a common mission, advancing a common Kingdom against a common enemy. He also dreams that we would live as a Body, with each member actively playing it's part in sacrificially serving the rest of the Body.

Coincidentally, I would say that God is also working in Southlands at this time, in growing a compelling Family and Bride into a powerful Body and Army. My prayer is that we would all look to Jesus, the Head of our Body and Captain of our Army, and with one voice would declare, "Lord, Use us and Lead us."


  1. Hi Alan, I found your blog post after googling the lyrics of this powerful worship song which I learned over 30 years ago while I was a student at YWAM and I'm wondering if it's the same song you wrote. But let me say that I was blessed reading your post and what you've said and your record of what Ray Olivier said is very relevant to most of the church. But the miraculous part of this is that I've not heard this song in over 30 years that I can remember but I awoke with this song playing through my heart and mind and being with such passion and I knew it was straight from God because it for sure was not because of me. And I am trying to find the lyrics or a rendition of the song to share with others. Do you perhaps know where I can find it? God bless.

  2. Apologies- maybe my memory is playing tricks on me; I thought it was a song from my YWAM. days but thinking about it, I'm not sure but it is a great and God-inspired song and I want to purchase or find it and would be grateful if you could point me to it. Thanks.