Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 3: Battle Hands and Baggage Handlers all share alike.

The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as the man who went down to battle. All will share alike. 1 Samuel 30:24

Obviously I'm looking forward to eating tonight. But honestly, there is a part of me that doesn't want this fast to end. God has drawn near, and I am loving watching a community quickened by His voice and presence.

Last night God spoke so clearly about justice, and the Holy Spirit's empowering to, "Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God."(Micah 6:8) This is a sobering and costly call. To stand up on behalf of those who have been mistreated does not always mean being applauded by the world. John Piper said prophetically in 1993, "We all dream now and then of suffering for righteousness' sake. We dream of suffering nobly—even heroically—for Jesus' sake. But what will you feel when the authorities and the crowds and the media distort your cause and tell the whole world not that you are a noble person with courage suffering for righteousness but that you are a deluded, extremist fanatic?" But stand and speak, we must.

Today, I'd like us to pray into our part in the mission of Southlands as a whole, which is, To glorify the Father in the power of the Spirit, by preaching the Gospel and making disciples of Jesus. Particularly as we move to becoming One Church, Multiple Communities, it is easy for those who are looking to take part in the launch of the Fullerton community to feel a sense of great mission, while those who stay at Brea can feel less vitally on mission. But this is not the case at all.

There is a passage in 1 Samuel where the Amalekites attack the Israelites and carry off their wives, children and possessions. David takes 400 men to take back what was stolen, but leaves 200 men who are too exhausted to fight, to look after the supplies. God gives Israel victory, but the men who go out to battle want to keep the plunder for themselves. David insists that the plunder be shared amongst those who fought in battle and those who handled the baggage.All will share alike!

This is the way God sees us as a church. We all have the same share in the risk and reward of the mission, even if our roles are different. Every role is vital, and every role is rewarded.
Let's each play our part in the mission of God. See you tonight.


  1. Al, I'm on the verge of tears as I read this! Awesome future in Him! So excited! See you tonight.

  2. love what God is doing in your heart, Jim.