Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Tattoo

Last week we celebrated the 23rd birthday of one of the incredible ladies in our church. She asked us all to chip in for her first tattoo. Sitting around the fire pit, we asked her what the design was going to be. Her reply? "Ex 14:14."

It's Moses encouragement to Israel as they're hemmed in by the Egyptian army behind and the Red Sea in front. "The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still." Great verse, and even greater miracle to follow.

Our birthday girl is a walking miracle too. Almost a year ago to the day, her brother goes to visit her in a little town in the Mid-West. She is living with her girlfriend, far from God, feeling trapped and helpless. Her brother offers to cancel his flight home and drive 2000 miles to L.A. with her if she will pack her stuff and leave the relationship. Two days later she arrives in L.A. with her brother and all her belongings in two big trash bags.

The first weekend here she visits our church and God meets with her powerfully. She tells me that she feels loved for the first time in years. She rediscovers a gift of tongues that has laid dormant since she was a six year old in her father's church.
God begins to lead her on the long walk to freedom.

A year later and she is barely recognizable from the lady who arrived desperate, carrying black trash bags. Of course there have been dark days and difficult decisions. But God has been a rescuing, transforming God. She is a daughter of Exodus, the blood of the Lamb smeared indelibly on the doorposts of her life.
All of us around that fire pit are children of Exodus. We are astounded at what God has done in one short year. The least we can do is chip in for a birthday tattoo.