Saturday, October 16, 2010

Normal Christian Community

I've heard many people say that the Acts 2 account of the church is merely descriptive. "It is not prescriptive at all,"they say."Nover to be repeated. We've developed since then." I beg to differ. I think it is significant description. It is God showing what Normal Christianity community should be. It was God's 'law of first mention' on the church. The exact details may never be repeated in the same way, but God was describing His intent for the church.

Most big churches tend towards a lack of health and most young churches are immature. The acts 2 church was big, healthy, young and mature. It was a compelling community. The church at her best.

A friend of mine, who is the son of a well known leader of an apostolic network in the UK, spoke to me about how he became hurt and disillusioned by his experience of the church he was in. It became very handed, controlling, and as a law student, who loved Jesus, he walked away from the church. Wge one of his friends became interested in Jesus, he would drop them off at church and meet them in the pub afterwards.

He describes how one day it was as though Jesus met him in his bedroom. He fell to his knees in awe. He heard an inward audible voice asking, "Ger, will you join me in restoring my church?" Very soon afterwards he went back to church, became involved in leading God's people, and is now planting a church in Santa Monica.

I know many have been hurt and dissappointed by church and church leaders. Jesus of all people is aware of the shortcomings of His church. But He has not given up on her.Will you join Jesus in restoring His original intent for His church?

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