Friday, August 31, 2012

The Who of Urban Renewal

Over the last 3 years we've worked hard to articulate the 'Why' of Urban Renewal.
We put together a neat video to keep the vision of the gathering clear at

But what about the 'Who?' Who's going to be speaking? We've always tried not to make a big deal of big name speakers - I'm not against them, but I believe it's better to gather people around God and His mission than to gather around personality. That said, we do have some great people joining us from around the world and the nation - friends who we have come to love and respect. Kingdom collaborations, criss-crossing in a rich tapestry of experience and emphasis, all with a common quest - seeing the church find the radical middle of Word and Spirit for the sake of the Great Commission.

Talking of 'The Quest for the Radical Middle,'the book of the same name has become an amazing text book for me and many, in trying to understand recent church history in Southern California. It's essentially the history of the Vineyard Church, but is far broader than that - the different streams of God connect in mysterious ways. Bill Jackson, the author of the book and church historian extraordinaire has become a friend. He even allows me to call him by his nick-name. Jax!

Jax is still vitally engaged in raising up church planters in the Vineyard, and training churches across the board in proclaiming and demonstrating the kingdom. This is no dry academic, although he is a fine theologian. He is an engaging speaker and practitioner, who has equipped churches for many years. It will be a delight to learn from him.

He and his friend Todd Volker have been involved in setting up 'Need Prayer?' booths in farmers markets and city centers with significant success. As a church we have enjoyed working with them. They have seen people healed, saved and set free. They are taking it to the street, literally. Bill will speak on 'Renewing our view of the Kingdom,' and Bill and Todd will do a breakout session on 'Word, Spirit and the Supernatural.

Not to be missed. You can register online at

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