Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer fun. Not Summer slide.

Crowd engrossed in a hard fought 3-3 draw that went to Golden Goal, and then to Penalty Kicks.

Yesterday's Southlands Brea vs. Southlands Fullerton soccer match was about as much fun as I can ever recall having at a Southlands sporting event. Played in a hard-fought, but excellent spirit with a great crowd of supporters, the game went down to the wire with PK's.  It was compelling community at it's best. Who won was of little consequence. We live in Orange County, remember?  Everyone wins in Orange County! But let's just say the victory dinner at Brea's Best was significantly sweet.

Seriously though, Fullerton and Brea are two communities whom God has united around a common creed, in a common bond with a common mission, and although there was healthy competition, an event like yesterday was a reminder of just how much community chemistry there is between us. We simply love being together, and there is that old saying about the family that plays together staying together.

It's also a reminder that we are quite new on our multi-site journey together. Last summer we were one church in an underground pre-launch phase into one church two communities. God has blessed us and provided for us. We are gaining traction in our mission to make disciples in this County. Our serving, giving and attendance has grown as a whole. I want to thank all of you who have served faithfully during the last six month's multiplication. It is God who builds his church, but you have been remarkable living stones in His hands.

But there is a certain fragility to the progress we've made. If I can change the metaphor, Fullerton is like a toddler taking wobbly, but significant strides forwards. She requires a steadiness throughout the Summer months. Brea, having many students gone and having recently sown over a hundred solid citizens to Fullerton, is like a mother who has recently given birth. She is still gaining strength from her labor pains.

So, as fun as Summer can be in SoCal, we need to guard against sliding into missional slumber.  Students head home, families take much needed vacation, people take part in summer missions.
It's all good stuff! But in the midst of the scattering, the local church can begin to slide back from the ground she has taken if we're not careful.

Forgive me if I maintain a certain intensity during summer. It's not the summer season that we need to fight. It's the pacific summer tone. In Paul's words to Timothy, let's be constant in and out of season!
Let's sustain and advance the mission this Summer by being a praying, serving, giving, worshipping, inviting, attending, believing people.

We need to bring the same energy, intensity, unity and strategy to the Mission of God that we did to yesterday's soccer game. Everyone a team member. Everyone a player. Everyone a cheerleader.
Christ our Captain. Christ our Champion.


  1. Excellent word! In season and out of season is what Jesus wants, what the Father wants, and where the Spirit is constantly trying to take us. Bless you and all of our leaders for seeking God's best in our journey. Sleep well.

  2. Thanks Ron. Appreciate you. God Bless!