Saturday, January 22, 2011

Urban Renewal 2011. Word. Spirit. Mission.

What is it to ask God to revive the church for the sake of the world? That's what we are asking at Urban Renewal 2011.The last time the church in this nation experienced a revival that resulted in a significant missional impact, was the Jesus People movement of the 70's. It's been 40 years since then. Renewals have ebbed and flowed, but tragically, most renewal has remained within the four walls of the church.
We are boldly asking for God to revive the church with the life of the Word and power of the Spirit for the sake of His mission.

Dates are May 19-21st. Speakers include Mike Pilavachi(UK), Jon Daniel(Australia), Tim Chaddick (Reality L.A),Chris Wienand (Southlands) and Todd Proctor.(Rock Harbor) For early bird discount register before February at

A new event needs a new design, wouldn't you say?
Here are the two possible designs. Please vote for the one you think we should use, on the lower right - hand side of my blog page. Gracias!


  1. Who ever worked on these put a lot of effort & thought into them......nice work!

    I like them both in their own right......curious,
    is that New York City Skyline inside the light bulb design of pic #2? do you feel about incorporating the words; "Word" & "Spirit" in the light bulb somehow?

    Pic #1 gives me the indication of "thought" between the "church" & "city/world"....if there were some words incorporated with the light bulb it could give some suggestion as to what the conference might be focused on to help the church reach the world.

    Pic #2 i really like the only distraction/limitation is the building to the left that appears to resemble the Empire State makes me think "New York" and unless our focus might be on New York, I think a generalized set of buildings might be a better idea directing the viewer to think of "their" city instead of specifically New York City. I also think that incorporating the words "Word" & "Spirit" into the screw portion of the light bulb might be cool.....
    Ooooh, what if you were to make the top portion of the light bulb a faint picture of a globe/world???

    Just a few thoughts I had.....

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Dhasti. You are obviously a designer at heart! Not sure if it's NYC. My problem is that it already looks a bit busy.
    Do you have a preference on design?

  3. Looking at them just the way they are.....I'd have to say #1....

  4. Ummm neither. Why not stick with the one we had last year and "brand" the conference?

  5. I guess because the conference is not a product , it's a journey.

  6. and last year's one is a bit tired.