Monday, April 18, 2011

Ballast below and Sails above

God is a wave maker. The wind and the waves obey Him. He who can bring a storm to a whisper with one word, also stirs the currents of His Kingdom, propelling the next wave of His purposes onward. As Christians, we aren't called to make waves. We are called to position the vessel of the church so that it can be propelled forward on the wave of God's making.

In these days, I am convinced that positioning the vessel of the Church for God's wave requires that we run a tight ship. That we have secured our primary cargo.That we have agreed that we carry the message of the Gospel of first importance.(1 Cor 15:1) A vessel with one message, Christ and Him crucified.

The tight ship doesn't stop there though. He wants the Church to ensure that it is wise in the Word and powerful in the Spirit for the sake of the Gospel. The vessel of the church must have the ballast of the Word secured below, and the sails of Holy Spirit obedience fully opened above, in order to cope with the magnitude of the next wave of God's purposes.The two are not in conflict. The Author of the Word would never contradict His own book.

There seems to be this stirring world-wide. I think it is becoming a movement of God's Spirit that will wash over streams, flows and denominations, bringing convergence to a fragmented church. I believe this movement will propel the vessel of God's church onward with the message of the Gospel.

Urban Renewal is a part of this movement. It exists to equip believers to grow in both Word and Spirit, for the sake of the Gospel. We have believers from 7 nations converging upon Brea, Orange County for three days with this aim. We would love you to join us.

Speakers include Mike Pilavachi(UK), Jon Daniel(Australia),Ger Jones (UK), Jonny Hughes(UK),Todd Proctor (USA), Tim Chaddick (USA)and Chris Wienand (USA/South Africa).

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  1. Very exciting prospect Allan, I agree we are not called to make waves , but perhaps create eddies where peoples lives can be turned around for Christ. Praise God that the church is turning also to reflect unity of kingdom heart for the sake of those who do not yet know Jesus.